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About KMG

Kudzukian Media Group (KMG) is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 2020 to support other nonprofits with content creation, in-person and virtual events, and other multimedia services. In partnership with KUDZUKIAN, we work to amplify the messages and extend the reach of the organizations we work with.

KMG supports a variety of organizations, prioritizing those that focus on technology development, physical, mental and emotional wellness, and economic growth particularly among youth and families.

About KMG

Welcome to KMG, a 501c3 established in 2020, we lead in empowering nonprofits through podcasting and event production support. Our expert producers specialize in crafting compelling stories that resonate with your audience, driving engagement and support for your cause. Partner with us for seamless event planning and execution, creating impactful community gatherings. Join us in empowering nonprofits to make a difference through powerful storytelling and transformative events. Amplify your voice and inspire positive change today.

Content We Support

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Kudzukian Media Group Why Kudzukian

Why Kudzukian

At KUDZUKIAN, we are the pioneers of sonic storytelling and the architects of captivating events that leave a lasting impact. With an innovative and energetic approach, we have revolutionized the podcasting and event production landscape, redefining the way you consume content and experience live gatherings.

KUDZUKIAN, founded in 2014, is an independently-owned branded audio and visual content producer, specializing in creating “turn-key” productions. Podcasts are our heartbeat, our passion, and our medium of choice to share remarkable stories, entertain, educate, and inspire.

Meet The Board

Larry T. Robinson

Executive Director
The visionary behind KUDZUKIAN and its non-profit arm KMG. Before launching KUDZUKIAN in 2014, Larry was a senior marketing executive with experience spanning across both cities and categories. By his own admission, he is a natural salesman. “I can sell ANYTHING,” he says. This innate ability has served him well as he ventured into entrepreneurship, first with his marketing company Lasting Perceptions and currently with the network.

Natalie Robinson

Natalie Robinson is passionate about communicating the right message. Her experience includes Ad Agency and non-profit work. During her time at Bandy Carroll Helliage she worked on the McDonald's Account for the Indianapolis Co-op. She cut her teeth in PR at the Indiana Black Expo, the premier cultural exposition in the country and creator of the annual Circle City Classic HBCU football game.

Howard Robertson

Board Member
Howard is founder and president of Trust Marketing & Communications, the Spotset Radio Network and the visionary behind the new digital music platform and mobile app known as ODE Audio. He also cohosts two very popular podcasts and broadcasts, Riffin’ on Jazz and R&R on Sports with avid, loyal listeners around the world. All of his business interests and productions are headquartered and originate from his hometown, the legendary Memphis, TN

E. Fred Spikner

Board Member
Founder and president of Spikner Screen-Printing & Embroidery and Park Place Recycling & Logistics, Fred is a serial entrepreneur. Committed to building the community, Mr. Spikner focuses on supporting entities that foster growth in his hometown of Memphis, TN and has invested in many initiatives that preserve and protect the long-term viability of communities of color and the Mid-South.

Dr. Gwendolyn Kelly

Board Member
Gwendolyn Kelley, Ph.D., is an independent educational consultant, community advocate, and former Research Associate at the Equity Project of Indiana University. While at the Equity Project, Dr. Kelley provided technical assistance to district leadership teams across the state, focusing on reducing disproportionality in suspension, expulsions, and placement practices.

Jude Robinson

Board Member
Jude Robinson is a dynamic young leader with a passion for all things financial. He is currently a Senior at Middle College High School and is posed to graduate with college credits from two universities. Jude is working toward becoming an Eagle Scout by 2023. His passions are gaming and stocks.

Glenn Sessoms

Board Member
Glenn Sessoms is a motivational speaker, business executive and community leader. A former Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer for FedEx, Mr. Sessoms exemplifies the success he speaks so passionately about. During his 27-year career at FedEx, Mr. Sessoms rose through the ranks holding various management positions such as Supervisor, Senior Manager, Vice President and General Manager of Southern Region AGFS and was Chair of the Fedex VP Diversity Council.
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